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Coffee is more than merely a drink; in Jordan it is surrounded with custom and treated with reverence. It is not only a symbol of hospitality and trust, it is a traditional sign of respect and a way to bring people together. Black, cardomom flavored Arabic coffee, also known as "Qahwa Saada", is deeply ingrained in the Jordanian culture.

Usually having a bitter taste, beautiful aroma, and served in small portions into handle-less cups. It is closely associated with the Dallah - an iconic coffee pot of Arab culture. Serving coffee to guests is a large part of the culture's warm hospitality. (source)

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Yazanian Adventures in Rum

The Malnayaba tribe's fortress in the middle of the Wadi Rum desert, Jordan.
They were perilous times; wars, revolutions and uprisings invading the lands, with a heightened sense of alarm spreading among mankind near and far. Saturday evening, a tribe of four youthful fellows: Blondie, Willa, Asia and Moi, decided they would rather be spending their Adha hours on the magical sands of distant Wadi Rum, far far from havoc and troubled minds.

The decision was made; Sunday evening, after Sir Willa had a rather heated quarrel with Jett Horses, the folks found themselves on a one way trip to Aqaba in the south of the Kingdom named Jordan. Six hours, two feasts, and a stroll on the windy beach later, the tribe was headed towards Madame Blondie's castle, which she had kindly allowed them to stay at for a few nights under her generous hospitality.

Understandably, Asia found itself in a different time zone, and come sleep time, it decided to entertain itself until drowsiness claimed its consciousness. Drowsiness never came, and Asia found itself pacing the grounds of Blondie's residence until the early hours of the following morning.

After the tribe's fortress was erected on a rocky peak in the vastness of the deserty Rum setting, a lengthy bathe in the rejuvenative dunes of pure red sand, and a curious observation of smily camels in the hour-long act of micturition, the star they call the Sun fell out of the sky, taking with it all its shining glory. An icy wind forced itself upon the tribe, and soon the tribe were in a shivery struggle to maintain whatever heat they had left in their smelly bodies.

A giant ant invasion was thwarted, and the tribe started a magnificent fire as a show of their glorious victory, but it was not to be, and an incoming attack of rabid dogs found Moi being injected with salivary canines into his arse. Moi never made it to see what happened next, but legend has it that the tribe of Malnayaba never survived the incident either. A creepy onlooker lived to tell the tale.

Rum, rum, rum your goat,
Gently down the dune.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Oh, just look at that moon.

P.S. Yes, it's a silly post. I thank you, mortal being.

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